Document Scanning

A full service document scanning company, Keystone Document Solutions, obtains your paper files and efficiently converts your physical paper documents into digital documents giving you control over your digital assets.

Keystone Document Solutions handles the digital conversion process end-to-end. The process begins with pickup of your documents by a friendly professional driver. Keystone Document Solutions catalogs and inventories your documents prior to leaving your facility to confirm Keystone Document Solutions obtains all documents. Once at Keystone Document Solutions secure facility, staff prepares the documents for scanning. Keystone Document Solutions can set search parameters to your specifications to ensure user friendliness and meets your retrieval requirements. After scanning your documents we perform a rigorous quality check for any errors, to ensure you receive the highest quality scans. You can review your documents after scanning to confirm records will fit your needs. Once Keystone Document Solutions completes the scanning process you have a number of options for storage and destruction of your physical documents.